Year 1 Phonics Performance

Annually in June, children in Year 1 are required by the Department for Education to take a phonics assessment to see if they have met the standard that the Government have set for children to meet by the end of Year 1. The assessments are usually carried out by the Year 1 class teacher, with moderation from the Key Stage leader and Headteacher. Children who do not achieve the expected pass mark in Year 1 are required to take the assessment again unless there are exceptional circumstances which require them to be disapplied from the test.

In 2020, due to the Covid-19 restrictions and the partial closure of schools, children did not sit the phonics assessment in June. Instead of this, children in Year 2 have taken the assessments in phonics in the latter half of Autumn 2020 that they would otherwise have taken earlier in the calendar year. 

  % Expected % Expected % Expected
Year Gawsworth Cheshire East National
2020 (Y2) 97% 81% 78%
2019 93% 84% 82%
2018 84% 84% 82%
2017 80% 83% 81%


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