World Book Day 2020

At Gawsworth Primary School, we like to promote our love of reading and share our ideas during World Book Day. 

For World Book Day this year, the challenge across the Fallibroome Trust will be to create a ‘Book in a Box.’ The children need to choose their favourite book and then create a representation of it in a shoebox.

Description of Project
Book in a Box is a chance to bring your book to life by putting together objects that relate to your book and using them to tell the story of what your book is all about. 


- Obtain a cardboard box with a lid or flaps that close.
- Choose at least 5 objects to put inside your box that represent significant events, characters, objects, or themes from your book.  It is best to try to obtain the actual object, but some objects are too big to fit in a box.  In this case, you may use a model of the object.  Only 1 
picture object is allowed.  If it is hand drawn, it must be coloured.
- For each object, attach a notecard or tag.  On the notecard, include a title for the object and a paragraph (at least 5 sentences) explaining what it is and its importance/connection to your book.
- Decorate the outside of the box.  Treat it as the “cover” of your book box. Include the title, author, and your name.


Tips and Ideas
- Need a box?  Think about using a tissue box, an old shoebox, or even an empty cereal box or food box.
- Wrapping paper is a great way to easily cover your box and add colour!

Email a photo of your entries to by Monday 8th March to take part!


We would love to hear from you
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