Touch Typing

 Here at Gawsworth School we consider keyboard skills to be an  important part of our curriculum activities.  Once a child gains  confidence in their knowledge of the QWERTY keyboard, this proves  to be a great asset in helping to type up reports, stories and topic  work across the curriculum subjects.  We have been running touch typing sessions in Year 3 since September 2006, providing the children with two 20 minute sessions each week and we believe we are the fore-runners throughout Cheshire - possibly nationally - in promoting keyboard awareness.

For the past two years, children as young as 5 years old have had 'taster' sessions of the Englishtype Junior program used in school, showing an eager enthusiasm to progress through the various levels of lessons in order to play 'reward games' at the end of each stage.  The sessions create a gentle introduction to the full program followed in Year 3, which caters for progression through three different achievement levels offering Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates for a typing speed of upto 30 words per minute.  Click on the following link to view the programs Englishtype Junior and Englishtype Senior.

These skills, learnt in primary schoool, will provide an added boost to pupils' ability in secondary school as they cope with the increased volume and difficulty of work and text.  Indeed, the ability to touchtype is not only an advantage but an important life skill in the ever-developing world of technology and communication.

Due to the close links we have developed with the creators of the Englishtype Junior program which we use here at Gawsworth Primary, we are able to be offer a substantial discount for any parents wishing to purchase the program for home use.  This unique offer with Englishtype offers a discounted price of £20 (normal price £29.95).  To be able to take advantage of the offer click on the link below.


Watch the following video to see the benefits of touch typing.