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We have now started a  Headteacher/Chair of Governors Surgery which will take place every half term.  Parents are welcome to come along and have an informal chat with Mr. Shaw and Mrs. Blackwell to discuss any positive contributions they may have regarding school life.  Dates for the surgeries will be announced in the school newsletter.








Please see below for the results of the surgeries.




You said... (20/10/16)

We said…

Books and reading schemes in the school

Some books and schemes are not always engaging in their subject matter and not always appropriate. The school could invest in new books and it was proposed that the Gawsworth Fun Run could raise funds specifically for this.

We recognise that some books needed updating and that some new books to supplement the Oxford Reading scheme would be a good investment.  This is something that the school is already investigating and is a priority.  The school requires a large number of reading books due to the large amount we issue each week. We welcome this fundraising proposal. We have invested £600 in new books for KS1 this year so far.

Location of books

Children who have to choose books from the infant corridor when they are in juniors find this to be upsetting and demotivating.

We agree and suggest moving the location of the books to remove this issue. We are going to move some shelves to outside the staffroom.

Values and Rewards

It would be a good idea to be linking school rewards to the school values and make the values more visible and evident to all children. 

We are taking steps to do this by engaging children, parents, staff and governors in agreeing the key values of Gawsworth.  We will then be linking the values and underlying behaviours to reward.  Embedding and promoting these values is essential.

Photographs of Reward Recipients

Have you thought about putting photos of the reward recipients in the newsletter?

Yes we will be putting group photos in with the help of our designated Year 6 photographer.

Playground Equipment/Lunchtime Activities

There are some concerns about the lack of play/sports equipment available at lunch time especially for the juniors. Is there also a ‘risk averse’ nature towards the children playing outside in the wet weather and on the field when wet/muddy.

The school actually has a lot of equipment but it is not always well used or readily accessed.  We have started to address this and agree that the use of equipment could be better. There are cultural issues to address regarding health and safety concerns. The children could be out more in adverse weather and use the field even when muddy/wet.  Again, some work needs to take place regarding attitudes to health and safety and removing the ‘barriers’ preventing children from being outside and getting muddy!  We know that for some children, they haven’t had a good day unless they come home covered in mud.

We are also looking at encouraging the ‘mile a day’ initiative.

All Weather Surface

You raised the suggestion of changing the surface of some play areas to be all weather and also providing sheltered outside areas. 

We agree absolutely and have discussed this with each other. There will be a long -term strategy for the outside area but this would require significant capital expenditure.

Pressure of SATS

There seems amount of SATs pressure on year 2 pupils which she felt was year long and provided stress to her child and many others. 

No child should be feeling stressed in school about SATs and we recognise that we do need to help the children build their resilience.  One way of helping this is to ensure that the curriculum is not narrowed to focus solely on maths and English but instead is broad and creative. This will actually promote and result in greater progress in core subjects. 


Work has already started in school to promote growth mind-sets, increase positivity and support children to build their resilience.


School Communication – jargon free

Communication from school needs to be clear, straightforward and without jargon.

Agreed that clarity is required and we are currently updating both the prospectus and website. We try to write the school newsletter in a way that is accessible to all and regular updates on Twitter will help.

School councillors

Concern expressed that the same people tended to be elected, making it difficult for others to be involved.

We confirm that currently no pupil can serve 2 successive years as a council member but agree that the length of time between pupils standing again could be reviewed.  This would promote a greater number of pupils being involved.

Playground Equipment

There seems to be a lack of play equipment (and alternatives to football) at lunchtime

We are going to be encouraging the ‘mile a day’ initiative. See also comments/actions above re lunchtime activities.

Out of school provision

Concern that for working parents, Gawsworth school is not able to provide parents with good ‘out of school provision’.  Has the school ever considered running provision from its premises. 

This is an exciting prospect but one that would incur huge cost and as such would be part of a much longer term strategy  (if at all).

Citizenship Award

Suggestion/idea for the pupils to achieve a commitment to the community/citizenship award. This, if feasible could have different stages to accommodate infants and juniors and include activities such as a litter pick, simple maintenance of public spaces, cleaning cars, manning stalls at for example the Methodist Church charity event, serving in the shop or washing up after the church meals for the elderly.

This sounds like an excellent idea and we are happy to discuss it further.

Sweets and Sugary Drinks

Can we take this opportunity (the forthcoming film night) to stop serving sweets and a sugary drink which have previously been consumed in the classroom prior to the film?


It would be an ideal time to change this custom without offending anyone and may actually help the kids to concentrate on the film. Research has shown how sugar interferes with our concentration span.


We fully support the school’s policy to not give out sweets as rewards, to encourage healthy eating and ensure that children only drink water in school.


We do think though that in this instance, such treats should be seen as such – an occasional treat. This has been seen as promoting a healthier mind-set towards such food/drink than either giving them to children constantly or banning them completely.

Parent-Teacher Consultations

Can there be the inclusion of PE, languages and club achievements in our parents evening? These are equally as important as other subjects and are not/ or rarely mentioned.  Many parents been have upset by the current model and left feeling down and depressed and under pressure to make their child do extra work at home. It is felt that we should be celebrating our children's achievements as much as encouraging their potential.

We will always encourage teachers and parents to discuss a rounded picture of the ‘whole’ child, including personal development, core subjects and areas of strength and development across the whole range of subjects/clubs/teams. However, appointments do have to be quite focused as they are ten minutes long. At the beginning of the year, we have focused on how well children have settled into their classes and what we would like for them to achieve by the end of the year. We do not want any parent to be upset at the end of a meeting because they have not had the chance to discuss their child’s achievements.






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