Structure and Remit of Governing Body

Committees and Nominated Governors September 2016


Terms of Reference

Roles and responsibilities of the Governing Body

The full Governing Body of Gawsworth School meets at least once a term and has the following responsibilities:

  1. Effective management of the school

  2. Reporting to parents and the LA/Department of Education

  3. Publication of school prospectus

  4. Provision of Religious Education and collective worship

  5. Delivery of National Curriculum, including special provision for children with Special Educational Needs/Additional Difficulties

  6. Staff appointments (and dismissals), excluding Kitchen and Cleaning Staff

  7. Monitoring of Teaching Staff and Head Teacher

  8. Maintaining attendance

  9. Approving school term dates and length of school day

  10. Internal repairs to buildings

  11. Use of school premises

  12. Consideration of appeals against exclusion and staffing decision

The following areas of responsibility cannot be delegated:

  1. Holding a Termly meeting

  2. Co-opting persons to the Governing Body

  3. Election of chairman and vice-chairman

  4. Consideration of the LA’s curriculum statement

  5. Ensuring implementation of National Curriculum

  6. Deciding what sex education is to be provided

  7. Ensuring the Religious Education and collective worship are provided

  8. Deciding the policy on charging

  9. Agreeing general principles on pupil discipline

  10. Deciding changes to times of school sessions

  11. Appointing head teacher or deputy head teacher

  12. Determining the whole school pay policy

  13. To respond to any Ofsted reports

The Chairperson is responsible, through the Clerk, for calling meetings.  He/she will ensure that each member is informed and that minutes are taken and distributed.  He/she will also chair each full Governing Body meeting; in his/her absence this duty will be performed by the Vice-Chairperson.  If the head teacher is absent the deputy head teacher will attend and fulfil the head teacher’s duties.


Roles and responsibilities of the Governing Body’s Committees


Gawsworth School has five committees of the Governing Body.  These committees deal with matters of:

  1. Achievement, Behaviour and Curriculum

  2. Personnel

  3. Community and Environment

  4. Finance and Premises

  5. Appraisal of the Head Teacher

All sub-committees must appoint a Chairperson who will make arrangements for the minutes of the meeting to be taken .

The procedures for the operation of committee reflect those for the whole Governing Body, in particular:

  1. Decisions and recommendations must be minuted.

  2. Decisions will be reported back to all members of the Governing Body for receipt or acceptance at the next full governors’ meeting.

  3. The Chairperson has a casting vote.


Achievement, Behaviour and Curriculum

Terms of Reference

This committee shall meet each term. Its aim and purpose is to understand, monitor and review statutory and non-statutory obligations in order to ensure a challenging and vibrant curriculum, excellence in behaviour and outstanding progress and achievement.

The following terms of reference apply:

  • To ensure the delivery of the National Curriculum and to fulfil the statutory responsibilities for assessment and reporting.

  • To review on a regular basis all school policies that relate to Achievement, Behaviour and the Curriculum

  • To ensure that the school fulfils its statutory responsibility in the delivery of religious education, sex/relationships education and collective worship.

  • To ensure that all pupils’ Individual Educational Needs are met.

  • To ensure a safe, well-resourced and well-managed learning environment.

  • To interpret, monitor and evaluate internal and external pupil performance and progress data.

  • To review the School Strategic Development Plan and School Self Evaluation on a Termly Basis.

  • To monitor the school’s use and impact of Pupil Premium strategies.

  • To monitor the use and impact of the school’s sports funding.

  • To monitor pupil behaviour and attendance.


Personnel Committee

Terms of Reference

This committee shall meet each term to deal with all issues affecting the teaching and support staff.  It is the responsibility of the committee Chairperson to call meetings, issue an agenda and to ensure that minutes are taken, actions noted and reported back to the next full Governors’ meeting for their approval as appropriate.

The following terms of reference apply:

  1. To agree with the Head Teacher and if appropriate participate in the appointment of teaching and support staff, excluding the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher which is the responsibility of the whole governing body.

  2. In consultation with the Head Teacher, to review annually, the Performance Related Pay Policy for all staff according to performance management regulations and individual performance plans.

  3. To monitor and review arrangements for staff appraisal including the effective implementation of the performance management policy and receive a report from the Head Teacher on staff appraisals.

  4. In consultation with the Head Teacher, review and update as required the school policies relating to staffing and human resources.

  5. In consultation with the Head Teacher, review and agree the pay and conditions of all other members of teaching and support staff annually in line with legal requirements and with reference to the performance management process.

  6. In consultation with the Finance and Premises Committee, review the staffing structure of the school as required, taking into account constraints of the school’s budget, and make recommendations to the full governing body.

  7. To review the Strategic Development Plan (SSDP) and the School Self Evaluation to ensure staffing is sufficient to ensure its fulfilment and the effective operation of the school. Monitor its implementation and effectiveness.


  • Support staff excludes kitchen employees.


Community and Environment Committee

Terms of Reference

The Committee shall consist of the number of governors chosen by the full governing body.  The Head teacher will be a member of the Committee. 

The Chair will be elected by the full governing body, duties to include notifying the Committee of any meeting to be held and providing all members with an agenda after consultation with the Head teacher.  The Chair is also responsible for appointing a clerk to take minutes at any meeting.

The Committee will meet once per term.

The Committee will report back to the governing body by submitting minutes which record decisions made, actions to be taken and/or recommendations for consideration.

Purpose of Committee is to assist and monitor the following key areas:

1. To ensure links and positive ongoing involvement and dialogue with the immediate community of Gawsworth village by;

  • monitoring any issues such as parking, litter, dog mess, etc.;

  • active communication and cooperation with village shop, parish council, and the local churches;

  • involving and informing the local Gawsworth community about events, initiatives, etc.;

  • supporting local initiatives where appropriate.


2. To be pro-active in the marketing of the school and to constantly improve the perception of the School amongst the wider (Macclesfield) community, by;

  • visiting nurseries to inform prospective parents about Gawsworth school;

  • enhancing the existing good reputation of the school by getting involved in local initiatives and events, such as the annual Barnaby festival;

  • reporting activities and events at the school in the local media, both printed and online;

  • forging links with local organisations and businesses;

  • involving the children and staff generally in the wider community.


3.  To promote excellence in communications with parents, monitor feedback and ensure a sound understanding of the role and duties of the governing body by:

  • Promoting and monitoring ‘Parent View’ on the OFSTED website and encouraging parents to use this to express their views;

  • Promoting and monitoring parent comment box at school and holding regular open meetings for parents, focussing on relevant issues;

  • Ensuring that the school conducts periodic surveys (min. 1 x per annum), and analysing responses/issues arising;

  • Governors communicating directly with parents via the weekly newsletter;

  • Receiving regular reports from Friends of Gawsworth on activities and achievements.

4.  To monitor and react to Pupil Voice, by:

  • a Governor from the Committee regularly attending meetings of the School Council and Eco-council, getting involved as appropriate and reporting back to Committee;

  • talking to the Head Boy and Head Girl on a regular basis and inviting them to a Committee meeting to report back from the pupils’ aspect;

  • ensuring the school has an ongoing programme of pupil voice that is reported back to the Committee.

5.  To work with other local and regional schools in developing and improving partnerships, by:

  • the Head teacher and Staff working closely in collaboration with other primary and secondary schools;

  • taking part in local sports events and specific school initiatives/ events;

  • taking part in the local Governor Forum;

  • adopting an open policy;

  • working with other schools in the region to aid the children’s understanding of a multi-cultural Britain.

6.  To promote excellent relations between staff and governing body, by:

  • effective communication on governance and current initiatives;

  • governors attending school/social events as appropriate;

  • ensuring staff understand of the role of governance and the nature of the support provided by governors by providing regular and relevant feedback from governor meetings;

  • governors acting as class ambassadors and developing an open dialogue with class teachers.

7.  To promote and review Global Partnerships, through:

  • analysis of the Head Teacher’s report;

  • the Head teacher and staff collaborating with the Kenya group through Egerton Primary School.

8.  To review periodically the school website, school prospectus and use of school facilities and make recommendations, by:

  • monitoring  the updating of the School Prospectus as necessary and ensuring the School Profile is completed annually and made available to parents in line with regulations;

  • monitoring the provision of information on the school website;

  • reviewing the use of school premises for extra-curricular activities and by external parties.

9.  To continually monitor, evaluate and review the relevant sections of the Strategic Improvement  Plan (SSIP) and the School Self Evaluation via the Head teacher’s report and update as necessary.


Finance and Premises Committee

Terms of reference

It is the responsibility of the Finance and Premises Committee is to review and agree the school’s proposals for the budget and to recommend it to the full Governing Body, to regularly review the school fund account and to review and keep track of expenditure. The committee also has responsibility for ensuring that the school premises are maintained to a required standard.

The committee meets termly for budget review and on an ad-hoc basis for procurement and premises decisions.

The following terms of reference apply:


  1. With support from the Local Authority Budget Officer to prepare an annual budget plan and set a budget in accordance with the Strategic School Improvement Plan for approval by the Governing Body

  2. To review the budget position statement including virement (money transfer) decisions at least once per term and to report a summary including significant anomalies from the anticipated position to the Governing Body.

  3. To establish and maintain an up-to-date 3 year financial plan.

  4. To ensure that the school operates within the Financial Regulations of the Local Authority including operating to the SFVS (Schools Financial Value Standard).

  5. To conduct an SFVS review with the school once/year (normally spring term) and to submit this to the Local Authority for review

  6. To monitor expenditure of all voluntary funds kept on behalf of the Governing Body.

  7. To prepare a financial statement for inclusion in the Governing Body report to parents

  8. To annually review charges and remissions policies and expenses policies.

  9. To make decisions in respect of service agreements.

  10. To make decisions on expenditure following recommendations from other committees.

  11. To ensure that Health and Safety issues are appropriately prioritised.

  12. To determine whether sufficient funds are available for pay increments as recommended by the Head Teacher in the light of appraisal recommendations.

  13. To make decisions on expenditure on the school premises.

  14. To review the Strategic Improvement Plan (SSIP) and School Self Evaluation (SEF) and ensure that any financial implications are included in the budget


  1. To ensure that a program of cyclical maintenance is in place to ensure compliance with all necessary regulations

  2. To ensure there are appropriate suppliers and agreements in place to support all maintenance and improvements to the school premises

  3. To ensure, in consultation with the Head Teacher that there is a 3 year forward plan for the premises as part of the Strategic School Improvement Plan (SSIP)

  4. To ensure that Health and Safety issues are appropriately prioritised.


Any relevant person employed to work at the school other than as the Head teacher, when the subject for consideration is the pay or appraisal review of any person employed to work at the school.