Strategic School Improvement Plan


Leadership and Management

Behaviour and Attitudes

Personal Development

Quality of Education


Premises Management


·        To address the specific challenges and whole school priorities that will be faced in the next academic year as a result of Covid-19

·        To continue to raise standards in English and Maths and further embed recent developments

·        To further develop subject leadership skills, knowledge and monitoring

·        To develop the school’s strategic digital strategy for home learning and review the homework policy


To review the school’s behaviour policy and ensure consistent classroom/school practices and a restorative approach


·        To ensure that pupil’s needs are met through fully embedding the new arrangements for RSE

·        To further develop pupil and staff wellbeing and personal learning journeys through meta-cognition strategies, Growth Mindset initiatives and coaching


·        To implement a recovery and catch-up curriculum, ensuring interventions in place to narrow all gaps for vulnerable groups

·        To embed the school’s revised curriculum, ensuring that it is well resourced, progressive, purposeful and engaging

·        To enhance creativity within the curriculum through achieving the ArtsMark award

·        To further develop the children’s global learning through our global links

·        To adopt and review the ‘Early Adopters’ EYFS Curriculum

·        To further develop plans for a nursery phase at GPS.

·        Completion of school re-roofing

·        Ongoing program of re-carpeting/flooring

·        Complete KS2 Art/Sink area replacement

·        Programme of rewiring/LED lighting




·        The challenges posed by Covid-19 are met through mitigation, wellbeing, curriculum provision and catch-up

·        Recent initiatives to raise achievement in English and Maths are fully embedded

·        Subject leadership is consistently good or outstanding

·        School is well prepared for any further home-schooling and digital developments enhance the school’s new homework policy




·        Greater consistency in behaviour management across the school through a restorative approach


·        Children’s RSE knowledge and health needs are met

·        Staff have an excellent understanding of meta-cognition strategies for self-development and have implemented strategies for improving the children’s learning behaviours

·        All end of key stage outcomes broadly in line or above National expectations.

·        No significant gaps for vulnerable groups.

·        Progress broadly in line with or better than National

·        School’s revised curriculum is embedded fully

·        Profile of creativity in the curriculum is enhanced and creative opportunities for children are extended

·        Children have an excellent understanding of global issues

·        New EYFS curriculum implemented

·        School continues to take a leading role in EYFS development locally and in the Trust

·        Timeline and plans in place for nursery establishment

·        Pride in building and grounds

·        Buildings fit for purpose.

·        Reducing carbon footprint


Leadership and Management

Behaviour and Attitudes

Personal Development

Quality of Education


Premises Management


·        Further develop Subject Leaders’ skills and knowledge

·        To examine collaboration and other partnerships and provide further opportunities for leaders to lead developments within the Trust.

·        To develop the role of external bids and funding for school improvements

·        Review impact of middle leadership


·        To further develop outdoor and forest opportunities.

·        To improve behaviour at lunchtimes by building on restorative approaches work


·        To further develop coaching strategies for self-improvement

·        To deepen understanding and development of the 5 meta-cognition strategies

·        To review the school’s Growth Mindset initiative for staff and children

·        To ensure that our children continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle through the taught curriculum and extra-curricular activities

·        Foundation assessments in place

·        To review the changes implemented and embedded in the school curriculum and make changes where necessary

·        Review developments in EYFS curriculum and further develop/amend where necessary

·        To plan for construction and commencement of the new nursery

·        Ongoing program of re-carpeting/flooring (kitchen?)

·        Commence improvement/replacement of KS1 Art Areas/sinks

·        Redecoration of corridors and offices

·        New children’s kitchen and intervention room established

·        To develop the school’s library and resources

·        Replacement/Installation of new playground equipment



·        Leadership having greater impact and provides opportunities to lead at a local level

·        External bids contribute financially to School improvements

·        Outdoor opportunities contribute to positive attitudes to school life

·        Behaviour is outstanding in all areas of school life

·        Coaching ensures that staff are able to enhance their own learning journeys

·        Meta-cognition strategies enhance children’s learning and achievements

·        Growth Mindset initiative impact positively on self-development

·        Children know how to keep healthy and engage well with extra-curricular activities






·        Attainment and progress at least in line with national.

·        At least a quarter of children working above age related expectations across the school

·        High quality teaching and learning in foundation subjects.

·        Teaching and learning in the EYFS curriculum equips children effectively for transition into KS1

·        Construction of nursery is planned for with a timeline for children to commence

·        Pride in building and grounds.

·        Range of interventions can take place and children can be properly accommodated.

·        Buildings fit for purpose


Leadership and Management

Behaviour and Attitudes

Personal Development

Quality of Education


Premises Management


·        To complete a full review of vision and values and school governance

·        To review SLT roles and responsibilities

·        To review House system, rewards and pupil responsibilities


·        To enhance the role of  individualized learning

·        To carry out and implement Investors in Pupils training.



·        To carry out a full scale review of school assessment process and tracking

·        To implement the food and growing curriculum to enhance pupil wellbeing


·        To open a 3-4 years nursery, fully incorporated into the school’s EYFS phase

·        Ongoing program of re-carpeting/flooring.

·        Installation of canopies around the school building

·        Replacement of EYFS toilets (within the building construction?)

·        Completion of KS1 Art Area/Sinks replacement

·        Redecoration of KS2 classrooms

·        Forest area established with further opportunities for planting identified



·        School vision, values and governance equips the school well to deal with the challenges of the next five years

·        School has SLT structure to meet requirements of next five years.

·        Staff offered relevant CPD opportunities

·        Increased responsibility across the school.


·        Children clearly understand their own learning journey and know how and what they need to improve

·        Attainment and progress above  national.

·        At least a third of children working above age related expectations across the school

·        Children know how food and growing contributes to healthier lifestyles and enhanced wellbeing


·        The school is able to cater for 3-4 provision needs

·        The school has an outstanding EYFS provision from 3-5 years

·        Continued pride in building and grounds.

·        Building fit for purpose



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