Strategic School Improvement Plan




Quality of Education

Behaviour and Attitudes

Personal Development

Leadership and Management






  1. To ensure that outcomes for children at the end of Key Stage 2 in Reading, GPS and Mathematics are above national outcomes (impact)
  2. To further strengthen the quality of the curriculum with particular focus on the Foundation Subject of Geography, Design and Technology and Music (Intent and Implementation)
  3. To implement a new formative assessment system in order to accurately track progress (Implementation)
  4. To embed the ‘mastery’ approach to mathematics, building on its successful introduction in 2018- 2019
  1. To enhance the children’s behaviour upon entry to and exit from school through calm, quiet corridors
  1. To introduce the new national guidance for Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) building on the success of the Spiral curriculum in recent years.
  1. To identify and implement further opportunities for reducing teacher workload and enhancing staff wellbeing
  2. To further strengthen the children’s awareness of safeguarding through a child friendly safeguarding policy with whole-school sharing and school council consultation.
  1. To introduce and embed the national pilot Baseline assessment arrangements to ensure a comprehensive view of the children’s strengths and areas for development upon entry into Reception
  2. To continue to enhance the development of strategies for self-initiated challenge.

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