School Council

Each year, the school takes part in a huge democratic exercise by electing our pupils to our different councils and positions. One council that our children are always eager to serve on is the School Council. Two representatives from each year group ranging from Year 1 to Year 6 are elected by the children after they have put forward their manifesto.  The children on the School Council meet regularly with Mr Shaw to discuss ways in which they can help to make the school even better and share suggestions from their classes. They also have a pastoral role in helping to keep each other safe, such as helping to write the school's children's safeguarding policy. The School Council also meets with school governors to share their ideas and their work.


1 001210.jpg 001216.jpg Hector and Alannah
2 001176.jpg 001154.jpg James W and Grace
3 001130.jpg 001116.jpg Enzo and Clarabelle
4 001098.jpg 001079.jpg Max and Barnaby
5 001042.jpg 001056.jpg Guy and Annie
6 001029.jpg 001009.jpg Harry W and Jacob



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