Pupil Premium

Funding for 2020-2021 is £10,760.  We have currently eight pupils eligible for Pupil Premium.  We will use this to support additional staffing for intervention programmes to enhance progress' to fund extra curricular opportunities, enrichment, music lessons, extra-curricular club participation, residential visit subsidies, counselling and meta-cognition strategies for pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium funding.

In 2019-2020 our school had nine pupils in receipt of pupil premium funding which totalled £11,880.  This funding was linked to eligibility for free school meals.  School funded extra staffing to support those pupils in receipt of pupil premium, additional tuition, counselling and some extra curricular activities.  We would ask any parent who thinks they may be eligible for free school meals to contact the school office for further information.

  1. Pupil premium strategy statement Summary information


Gawsworth Primary School

Academic Year


Total PP budget


Date of most recent PP Review

June 20

Total number of pupils

204 R-Y6

Number of pupils eligible for PP


Date for next internal review of this strategy

March 21

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