The Personnel committee shall meet each term to deal with all issues affecting the teaching and support staff.  It is the responsibility of the committee Chairperson to call meetings, issue an agenda and to ensure that minutes are taken, actions noted and reported back to the next full Governors’ meeting for their approval as appropriate.
The following terms of reference apply:
  • To agree with the Head Teacher and if appropriate participate in the appointment of teaching and support staff, excluding the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher which is the responsibility of the whole governing body.
  • In consultation with the Head Teacher, to review annually, the Performance Related Pay Policy for all staff according to performance management regulations and individual performance plans.
  • To monitor and review arrangements for staff appraisal including the effective implementation of the performance management policy and receive a report from the Head Teacher on staff appraisals.
  • In consultation with the Head Teacher, review and update as required the school policies relating to staffing and human resources.
  • In consultation with the Head Teacher, review and agree the pay and conditions of all other members of teaching and support staff annually in line with legal requirements and with reference to the performance management process.
  • In consultation with the Finance and Premises Committee, review the staffing structure of the school as required, taking into account constraints of the school’s budget, and make recommendations to the full governing body.
  • To review the Strategic Improvement Plan (SSIP) and the School Self Evaluation to ensure staffing is sufficient to ensure its fulfilment and the effective operation of the school. Monitor its implementation and effectiveness.
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