Local Governing Body

The full Governing Body of Gawsworth School meets at least once a term and has the following responsibilities:
  • Effective management of the school
  • Reporting to parents and the LA/Department of Education
  • Publication of school prospectus
  • Provision of Religious Education and collective worship
  • Delivery of National Curriculum, including special provision for children with Special Educational Needs/Additional Difficulties
  • Staff appointments (and dismissals), excluding Kitchen and Cleaning Staff
  • Monitoring of Teaching Staff and Head Teacher
  • Maintaining attendance
  • Approving school term dates and length of school day
  • Internal repairs to buildings
  • Use of school premises
  • Consideration of appeals against exclusion and staffing decision


The following areas of responsibility cannot be delegated:
  • Holding a Termly meeting
  • Co-opting persons to the Governing Body
  • Election of chairman and vice-chairman
  • Consideration of the LA’s curriculum statement
  • Ensuring implementation of National Curriculum
  • Deciding what sex education is to be provided
  • Ensuring the Religious Education and collective worship are provided
  • Deciding the policy on charging
  • Agreeing general principles on pupil discipline
  • Deciding changes to times of school sessions
  • Appointing head teacher or deputy head teacher
  • Determining the whole school pay policy
  • To respond to any Ofsted reports


The Chairperson is responsible, through the Clerk, for calling meetings.  He/she will ensure that each member is informed and that minutes are taken and distributed.  He/she will also chair each full Governing Body meeting; in his/her absence this duty will be performed by the Vice-Chairperson.  If the head teacher is absent the deputy head teacher will attend and fulfil the head teacher’s duties.