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Partnership with Ndarugu Primary School, Njoro, Kenya

Gawsworth Primary School has a partnership with Ndarugu Primary School in Njoro, Kenya, focusing on our shared development goals of Quality Education and Gender Equality. The partnership centres around the Egerton Schools partnership and is supported by the British Council. 

In March 2019, our Year 3 teacher and global lead teacher, Miss Pari Shayestehroo visited Ndarugu Primary School, teaching children across the school with the focus of our shared priorities. In November 2019, Mrs Elizabeth Kade visited Gawsworth and taught all of the children from Reception to Year 6. She was very impressed by the ethusiasm and engagement of Gawsworth's children and by their pride in the school and village. 

At the same time, seven other teachers from Kenya taught in schools in Cheshire - Knutsford Academy, Egerton Primary School, Little Leigh Primary School, Weaverham Forest Primary School and Wincham Primary School. The visiting teachers took part in cultural experiences and visited each other's schools with staff and headteachers from their host schools. They also had the opportunity to visit Tatton Park and farm. The farm was a significant factor in enabling Lord Maurice Egerton to establish an agricultural college in Kenya (now Egerton University) and develop the horticultural industry in the country to become what it is today, one of Kenya's most important exports. The group also visited the Africa exhibition in Tatton Hall, which houses a notable collection of artefacts from Africa, most particularly East Africa and Kenya.

Keeping in touch has been made more difficult during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, we keep in regular contact with Ndarugu Primary School through email, MS Teams and WhatsApp. Year 3 have been sharing their questions with students from Ndarugu via Microsoft Teams in a shared assembly. Children in Year 3 wanted to know about the flora and fauna of Kenya and wanted to know about the Big Five animals of Kenya. Students in Ndarugu wangted to know how wew had been affected  by the Covid-19 pandemic as Kenya has been one of the hardest hit countries in Africa. A notable difference is that all of the students and staff in Ndarugu were required to wear face masks whereas the pupils and staff in Gawsworth do not.  Students from Ndarugu sang their national song for the Year 3 children in Gawsworth. 

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