Links with Kenya





I greet you in the name of our Lord,  We had a successful thanksgiving ceremony.  The two weeks were so busy as I had to prepare for the two events.  The second event was to nominate our schools board of management as well as election of the Parents Association.  Now we are through with all.  I will send you the list of our orphans as per the template on Monday morning after verifying from Mrs Muhoro.  Thank you so much for your patience.



Our first set of visitors from Kenya arrived in October 2012.  Mrs Benta Opiyo, the Headteacher at St Johns Primary School, and Mrs Betty Njoroge, the teacher of Class 8, spent a week comparing school life in 'sunny' Britain to that of their home town in Nakuru.  They very kindly presented each class with a beautiful African fabric print depicting various native scenes.

In June 2013 we were again able to welcome friends from St Johns Primary School.  This time it was a Class 7/8 teacher, Mr Sebastian Kabue Maina, and a Class 1/2 teacher, Mrs Anne Lesanjo.  Sebastian, who is the Scout Commissioner for his area, was also interested in visiting various local scout groups.  The highlight of their visit was our annual Rose Queen Fete which proved to be a great success.