Pupil Premium and Specialist Sports Funding


Pupil Premium

Funding for 2018/2019 is £14,520.  We have currently ten pupils eligible for Pupil Premium.  We will use this to support additional staffing for intervention programmes to enhance progress' to fund extra curricular opportunities, enrichment, music lessons, extra-curricular club participation, residential visit subsidies, counselling and meta-cognition strategies for pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium funding.

In 2017/2018 our school had nine pupils in receipt of pupil premium funding which totalled £13,200.  This funding was linked to eligibility for free school meals.  School funded extra staffing to support those pupils in receipt of pupil premium and some extra curricular activities.  We would ask any parent who thinks they may be eligible for free school meals to contact the school office for further information.

  1. Pupil premium strategy statement Summary information


Gawsworth Primary School

Academic Year


Total PP budget


Date of most recent PP Review

Sept 18

Total number of pupils

212 R-Y6

Number of pupils eligible for PP


Date for next internal review of this strategy

Mar 19



Specialist Sports Funding


Sports Funding End of Year Review March 2016

In 2015/16 our school received £8,847.



Additional staffing to support outdoor play/lacrosse


Coach hire for Tag Rugby team for National Semi-finals and Finals


Equipment purchased for outdoor play


Peak Active Sports Coaches


Accessibility in EYFS outdoor development





- 8,847.00

Supplemented by school budget

£  1,820.00

In (August - April) 2016-17 our school received £4,450.89



Peak Active HT5


Peak Active HT6


Maple Leaf - outdoor gym equipment, seated leg press, air-skier

£ 3,236.00



Supplemented by school budget

£ 36.36

The impact of this funding:

  • increased opportunities to access new sports

  • enhanced participation rates at school clubs

  • celebrated excellence

  • improved the quality of outdoor activity

  • further enhanced staff expertise in teaching sport as staff have observed experienced coaches teaching a variety of sports

  • improved the accessibility for all pupils to our outdoor EYFS environment


Our aim was to increase the variety of sports on offer, to improve our competition performance and to improve the high quality sport we offer for all children.  Also to increase the participants in our lunchtime and after school sports activities.

We wanted to purchase resources to encourage active play outdoors and needed new equipment to encourage development in athletics.

Our PTA organise Saturday morning football and our school hosts a team in the Macclesfield Tigers league.  They have recognised the value of encouraging sport and healthy life styles and have purchased cross country bibs and a new football strip.

The funding has allowed us to improve the strategic development of P.E.  We have bought into the Macclesfield Schools Sports Partnership which has enabled us to access a wider range of events.  The co-ordinator has visited school to help us create/cost our development plan.  We take part in training for both staff and children.

In recent years we have increased the number and variety of after-school clubs.  Tag rugby and lacrosse have proved very popular.  We do keep a register of pupils at sports clubs and we have always, as a school, encouraged all children to take part regardless of ability.  Our lunchtime clubs for our younger children of Phys Kids, organised by Year 6, have proved particularly popular.  We do not have sweets in school and encourage healthy snacks only.

Pupil voice (School Council) :-

"It's great.  It's fun.  There are lots of clubs.  We enjoy the lunchtime clubs.  New activities would be great."

Our outdoor and indoor large equipment is safety-checked each year and the school budget provides additional money for equipment needed.  FOG are also very supportive and regularly purchase sports equipment.

This year our POP Lacrosse Team reached the National Finals.  Parent initiative has created a Judo Club for younger children.


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