Welcome to our 'Curriculum Area' designed to keep our parents informed.  All presentations and files which have been used in our parents' presentation evenings are stored in this area for you to view at your leisure.  If you are not able to attend these special evenings, this is where you will be able to access any information that has been passed on to parents.




It is very important that children are on time whenever possible - it is a good habit to get into for High School and then later on for work.  There is a huge focus on this at the moment and we have put some info on the Family Learning section about attendance.  (Please click on the 'Attendance Guidelines' file at the bottom of the page).  We constantly analyse our data to check against the following criteria: 95.5% and above is green, 95.4% to 95% is amber and below 95% is red and a concern as this is a child who is missing a lot of teaching and learning time.  We do not authorise any absence in term time unless there are very exceptional circumstances.

Our doors do close for safety reasons at 0855 and the pedestrian gate is locked. Children can be recorded as late after 0915.  After 0930 a 'U' - unauthorised absence - code is used.

We do know there are often traffic problems etc. and try to take a sensible approach to isolated instances.  Please support us in both attendance and punctuality for school - it can only benefit the children.  Our Education Welfare Officer visits all schools on a regular basis to monitor our performance.



A few parents have had some queries about our use of ‘Kagan groups’ and ‘Kagan structures’. Firstly, let us clarify what we mean by these terms. ‘Kagan’ comes from ‘Spencer Kagan’ who over many years has researched into the benefits of using co-operative learning structures in the classroom. A ‘Kagan Group’ is made up of 4 children of mixed sexes, abilities and personalities. The idea being that the team reflects the balance and range of people we all have to learn to work with in real life. Children are paired carefully so that they can support one another and by this often reinforce their own understanding.

‘Kagan Structures’ are teaching strategies used across the curriculum. They encourage:

· ‘Equal Participation’ of all team members. Ensuring everyone is equally valued.

· Active engagement.

· Communication skills

· Socialisation

· Movement and pace

· Fun

Of course at times it is appropriate to ability group children and we do for maths, guided reading and guided writing but for many of our subject areas the groups and structures work well and pupil attainment and enjoyment is self-evident.



At Gawsworth Primary School we are very mindful of the need to safeguard all who use our school and site.

We have a secure building and visitors' badges are in use.  All staff and helpers have the necessary checks.  We maintain our grounds and school building carefully.

If you need to speak to a member of staff please contact them through the school office.  We are always available if you need to speak to us.  Our play areas are maintained with care and our children supervised at all times.  If children are ill or have an accident (it does happen, usually at playtime!) we have several trained paediatric first aiders to help.

Mrs. Clarke, Mrs Downes and Mrs. Poole are all fully qualified first aiders.

Mrs. Jepson, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Freeman are emergency aiders.

Miss Ashton holds a First Aid at Work certificate.

If we are concerned about an injury or a child we feel is not well enough to be at school, we will always contact you and ask you to collect if necessary.

We do give medicine at school.  You will need to fill in a permission form which you will find on the school website within the 'School Office' area.  We cannot give paracetomol or other pain relief unless this is prescribed as this could mask other symptoms developing.

Please never send in any medicines with a child, and never give a child tablets to bring into school just in case they need them!

Any of our children with a serious condition/allergy are given a health care plan and all staff are made aware of their circumstances and treatment.  We hope that this information will set your minds at rest and you can be confident that at Gawsworth Primary School we will take the best possible care of your child.

We also encourage all our children from the earliest days in school to start to take responsibility for their safety too.

Lots more safety and other information for parents is in the file for parents in the entrance hall.


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