Drop Off Before and After School

To keep our children safe at the beginning and end of the school day, we ask that adults in cars do not enter Longbutts Lane at those times and we encourage parking in Church Lane.  There is parking space available at the Village Hall too. 

Drop-off and Collection – Staggered starts have come to an end. Children and parents can enter the playground via the pedestrian gate from 0840, parents are still encouraged to wear face coverings on the playground. Children in KS2 may enter the KS2 locker area from 0845 when the door opens. Lockers are to be used. KS1 whistle blown at 0850 and children line-up in class lines. Parents to exit the playground and EYFS/KS1 children enter the school.

KS1 children are collected from the school playground at 1515. Children are handed over to parents/carers from KS1 exit (EYFS and Year 1) and KS2 exit (Year 2). Children in KS2 exit from KS2 exit at 1520 onto the playground to parents.

If you do have to enter Longbutts Lane during these busy periods, then please use the voluntary one way system highlighted on the map below.



Turn LEFT out of Longbutts Lane.

Turn RIGHT onto Wardle Crescent.

Go straight across onto Maggotty Lane.

Exit onto A536.

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