Achievements in Writing

Progression in Talk for Writing

Below is a breakdown of the writing achievements for each class on a half-termly basis.  To view examples of this work follow the pathway:

Curriculum - School Strategic Improvement Plan - Achievements in Writing - and then the relevant year group writing example.

Reception - Autumn 1st Half Term 2015

  1. As part of our work on 'It's good being me!', we found out all about our skeletons.  The children created their own skeletons as part of Expressive Arts & Design and applied their phonic knowledge in sounding out the labels for specific bones.

  2. In a Talk for Writing session we explored the story 'Elmer'.  A focused small group of chidlren recalled the various animals that Elmer encountered on his walk through the jungle.  They then had to reorder the words in a mixed up sentence to read; 'Elmer met a.....'  They selected their favourite animal to name at the end of the sentence, further testing their ability to apply their developing phonic knowledge.  We upleveled our sentences together by adding full stops.


Year 1 - Autumn 1st Half Term 2015

We have been working on using punctuation in our writing.  We have also been beginning to look at adjectives and verbs and using them to make our writing descriptive.

Year 2 - Autumn 1st Half Term 2015

In our first half term we were thinking about stories relating to our journey theme.  We looked at the Wizard of Oz - writing a diary, comparing settings and making a story map.  More recently we have been reading stories related to Africa.  In writing we have focused on grammar.

Year 3 - Autumn 1st Half Term 2015

Year 3 were very busy writing non-chronological reports on imaginary rainforest creatues.  Look at our examples to show how they have used openers at the beginning of their sentences as well as descriptive language.

Year 4 - Autumn 1st Half Term 2015

Our focus in Year 4 was to present a clear and detailed non-chronological report with all the correct features, details and awareness of the reader.  The animals were entirely our own invention.

Year 5 - Autumn 1st Half Term 2015

This half term, Year 5 have been focusing on the structure and language of newspaper reports.  These reports were linked to our topic on World Peace.

Year 6 - Autumn 1st Half Term 2015

Year 6 looked at an original 1939 Daily Telegraph newspaper report on the Chamberlain government's scheme to evacuate all children from Britain's major cities.  The children noticed that the article only reported on how happy the children were and how successful 'Operation Pied Piper' was (Government propaganda).

In our Writing lessons we decided to 'Innovate' on the original text to match its style but also to 'Invent' three additional paragraphs that told the FULL story of what happened to evacuees and their experiences of that process.  We used the structure and style of 'Journalistic' writing to do this.

Autumn 2nd Half term 2015

We have made a fantastic start to our new initiative 'Talk for Writing'.  Years 1 to 4 all began with the story 'The Papaya that Spoke'.  They learned the story, embellished it and then invented their own stories based on it.

Have a look and see how the different classes have written their amazing stories.