Curriculum Intent

At Gawsworth Primary School, we recognise that our pupils are living in a world subject to rapid change, one where technology is playing an ever more important role and is in itself, a catalyst for change. Our curriculum aims therefore, to equip the children with the skills to adapt to new technologies and to give them the confidence to use their computing skills to further their learning and assist them in everyday life. We aim for our children to leave Gawsworth Primary School well prepared and equipped with the knowledge and skills they need for their digital future.

Our curriculum enables the children to become responsible, creative and adaptable users of technology, confident in their digital literacy and online safety, computational thinking and understanding of computers and hardware. Our children are supported to be versatile users of technology through our blended approach of discrete computing lessons and cross-curricular computing opportunities.

Curriculum Implementation

The teaching of Computing at Gawsworth embraces all five of our core values: Aspiration, Equality, Innovation, Pride and Respect. By placing these five values at the heart our Computing curriculum, we believe our children will be ready to successfully meet the challenges of the next stages of their education and beyond.

Our children begin their journey with technology in Early Years, with access to touch-screen laptops, interactive boards, computers in our computer suite and BlueBots. Teachers facilitate children’s curiosity with challenge and modelling how to use the equipment carefully and safely.

In Key Stage 1 children, continue their journey with the BlueBots, using them more precisely. They learn how to programme a BlueBot to reach a destination and begin to be able to debug when something does not work out the way they imagined. In the computer room they improve their mouse control and learn how to log on and off a computer using their own username and password. They learn about online safety and what to do if they encounter something which makes them feel uncomfortable as well as what personal information is and why it is important we do not share it with someone on the internet. Coding then progresses from programming Bluebots and through unplugged activities onto computer-based programming where children develop their understanding of algorithms and programming in a variety of ways.

In Key Stage 2, children continue their coding journey, progressing through the key stage to being able to design, write and debug programs, block code and crack codes. Their digital literacy skills are combined with subjects across the curriculum and work is word processed and presentations are created using PowerPoint. Children learn how to use the hardware we have in school including touch screen laptops, where they are taught how to take and manipulate pictures, showing them that what they view in the media or on websites is not always accurate. The children are also taught about online safety throughout each year of Key Stage 2. They know how to keep themselves safe online and what to do if they come across something that makes them uncomfortable. Children understand how computing technology has developed over time and the important role our region has played in computing history.

Curriculum Impact

At the end of their primary school education at Gawsworth, the children will have gained key knowledge, skills and understanding in the three main areas of our computing curriculum: Digital Literacy and Online Safety (evaluating digital content and using technology safely and respectfully), Computational Thinking (programming and understanding how digital systems work) and Computers and Hardware (Understanding and using computers, systems and hardware). The children will reach and exceed their potential at our school through the Computing curriculum, reflected in good progress that will reveal a clear learning journey. Children talk enthusiastically about their work in computing, eager to learn more about IT, computing and computer science in the next stage of their education.

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