Assembly Themes

The overarching themes for our assemblies in Autumn are School Values, Festivals and Black History Month.

Week Beginning:

6th September - Aspiration and New Beginnings

13th September - Yom Kippur

20th September - Sukkot

27th September - Harvest

4th October - Black History Month

18th October - Climate Change and the Environment

School Values Songs

In our school and during assemblies, each one of our school values is represented by a song from popular culture. These are the school values and their representative songs:

Aspiration            The Script – Hall of Fame

Equality               John Lennon - Imagine

Innovation           Scorpions – Winds of Change

Pride                    Heather Small - Proud

Respect               Aretha Franklin - Respect

British Values

The following British Values are reinforced within our assembly themes and topics:


The Rule of Law

Individual Liberty

Mutual Respect

Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith

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