Gawsworth Primary School is a proud member of the Fallibroome Trust. 

Our school joined the Fallibroome Trust in July 2017 after consulting a wide range of stakeholders and a period of due diligence.

The Trust evolved from the success of the Fallibroome Academy, an outstanding single Academy Trust with a national reputation for excellence. The Trust’s aims are simple, to create the conditions for:

  • All students to leave school with the combination of skills and qualities that will enable them to progress to the job, apprenticeship or University/College place of their choice;

  • Each student to achieve the highest possible examination results and realise their potential;

  • Each school to become the school of choice for the local community;

  • Each school to become ‘A Place for Excellence’.

The Trust is accountable to the Secretary of State for Education and receives a Master Funding Agreement from the Education Funding Agency. Funds are delegated to the schools according to nationally agreed formulas. The Trust’s accounts are subject to audit and published annually at Company House.

If you would like to find out more about the Fallibroome Trust and its members, please visit: Fallibroome Trust

Contact Information

The Fallibroome Trust (Company number: 07346144)
A company incorporated as private limited by guarantee
Registered Office situated in England and Wales



+44 (0) 1625 827 898


01625 820 051



The Fallibroome Trust
Priory Lane
SK10 4AF

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