Year 1 2021 - 2022

Miss Wildgoose

Miss Wildgoose

Year 1 teacher

Welcome to Year 1!

We are so excited to start a new chapter and welcome all of the children after their summer break. 

We are going to have a magical start to the year with our topic "Enchanted Wood".

We will be exploring woodlands all around the world, exploring their climates, habitats and all of the wonderful animals that call the woodlands their home. We will be using 'Paper Dolls' by Julia Donaldson to inspire the children to create their own paper dolls and taking them on their own adventures. Now, in the story the little girl's paper dolls meet crocodiles and tigers, I wonder where Year 1's paper dolls will go and who they might meet on their adventures?! 

We will be learning all about the life of Maggoty Johnson, as well as exploring the landmarks of Gawsworth village, from our local shop to St James's Church. In Science and Geography, we will be invesitgating seasonal changes, making rain catchers and learning how seasons change in relation to the Sun. 

We will be using other stories to ignite the children's imagination, such as 'Bog Baby', 'Grandad's Island', 'Little Red Riding Hood' and 'Emily Brown and the Thing'. 

We are so excited for the term ahead and for all of the wonderful memories we are going to make! 


Ways to help at home:

In relation to our topic the children are welcome to bring in any books or relevant objects to share with the class (please name them). The children could also use the internet, with your support, and visit the local library to find any interesting facts about anything mentioned above.

We will continue to focus very carefully on our handwriting…

By the end of Year 1 the children must:

Form the lowercase letters using the correct formation and that letters are a consistent size.

Make sure that f, g, j, p, q and y descend (below the line).

Make sure that b, d, f, h, k and l ascend (are taller letters). (Please note: t is not as tall and only goes a little way above the line).

Make sure that all the letters are correctly orientated.

That capital letters are the tallest letters (taller than all others).

Letters sit on the line.


The children are lucky enough to have 1:1 support with you at home. Please encourage them, when writing at home (especially when completing homework), to focus carefully on the points above and practice any letters that they may particularly struggle with. There will be a number and letter formation sheet in your homework folders fro your children to practise their letters/number anytime they want. 

Reading Books

3 scheme reading books will still be issued weekly along with a choosing book. Your child will have a set day for changing their book based upon their Kagan Group - your child’s Kagan Group will be written in their diary. At the start of term, please do not send your children in with their reading books and book bag - we will let you know the arrangements for books once we have started.

Some useful information:


Books are changed once a week and your child's book change day is written in their diary. 3 books will be issued for the week (further comprehension activities can be found at the front of your child's reading diary, but these are NOT compulsory). However, in Year 1 we promote the importance of both the children's reading and writing. The reason for issuing no more than 3 books a week is that we ask you to revisit the books with the children. This is in order to ensure that quality time is given to discussing the books in order to help the children fully comprehend and enjoy the stories that they have read. It is also to promote (and give you the time to use) the use of the suggested comprehension activities at the front of the diary. Supporting and building a love of both writing and reading at home is of equal value.

The children are also given the opportunity to choose a book of their own choice – in response to the reading questionnaires that were given to both parents and pupils we have recognised that the children would like more choice with their reading books. Whilst the scheme books have a job to do in teaching the children the skills to become competent readers the idea of the choosing book is that it is one your child is interested in and it is a book is to be shared and enjoyed with an adult. THE CHILDREN ARE NOT EXPECTED TO READ THE BOOK INDEPENDENTLY TO YOU AS WITH THE READING SCHEME BOOK.



Homework is given out on Wednesday and collected the following Monday.. It is suggested that you spend half an hour on a piece of homework. If your child finds any homework too difficult, or overly time consuming, please don't feel that you have to struggle on! Feel free to stop after half an hour and if you could write a brief note to explain why/how they found it difficult I will endeavor to address the misconception with your child the following week.


Homework varies every week, depending on the children's learning and progress that week. Mostly however, they will be English or Maths orientated. 

The children have the ‘Read Write Inc. Speed Sound’ mat to help support them with the new phonic/spelling task. We will begin to learn that many of the sounds have multiple ways of being spelt it is extremely beneficial to talk to the children about any spelling rules as you complete these tasks: eg ‘oy’ is usually heard at the end of a word (toy, enjoy) and ‘oi’ is usually heard in the middle (coin, join).

They also have a ‘Tricky Word/High Frequency Word mat’ – this is again to support spelling and writing at home. Each half term I will also send a selection of the 'common exception’ words that we will be focusing on during that half term. These are so that you are aware of the words that we are focusing on in particular in school and so that you can then support your child by practicing them at home during the half term also.



PE is on a Tuesday and Thursday. We are focusing on fundamental skills this term, and each term, we will revisit and add more challenge everytime. The children enjoy their 'station PE lessons', where there are multiple different skilled actiities for the children to all have a go at and move around each station in their groups. On these days, the children will come to school wearing their PE kits. 

Sometimes, we do spontaneous PE lessons, so please can you make sure you send your child in with their trainers every Monday for the week. The school PE kit includes:

- Indoor kit (shorts and t’shirt) with pumps will be needed.

- Outdoor kit (joggers and jumper) with trainers will also be needed just in case the weather is not as nice as we’d hope for this term!

Any queries, feel free to pop in or contact me

Miss Wildgoose



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