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Mrs Jepson

Mrs Jepson

EYFS & Key Stage One Coordinator

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Early Years Foundation Stage.

Summer Term 2022

Welcome back to the Summer term!!!!!!  The Autumn and Spring terms have flown by so very quickly, it is hard to believe that part of our Summer term adventures will include transition visits into Year One!!!!!!   Here in Early Years Foundation Stage, we are excited to embark upon our new topics 'Greenfingers and Growing' follwed by 'Amazing Animals' and 'Under the Sea' in the last half term.   Please find attached to this class page a copy of our topic webs.  As part of our new topic, we are looking forward to continuing with our final x2 sessions of Forest School, as well as taking part in a class trip to Peak Wildlife Park.  We are super excited to be starting a series of weekly judo sessions, as well as taking part in weekly Multi Sports sessions.  We will become wildlife activists - exploring how important the naural world around us truly is and how we can help to take care of it. These exciting learning opportunities, are just a flavour of what lies ahead this half term……..keep on looking at class DoJo stories and online learning journey updates to share our adventures.

** Just a reminder not to be shy about putting yourselves forward to be one of our weekly virtual mystery readers......sessions are filling up very quickly indeed!!!!  Please contact me via dojo or speak to myself or a member of my team at drop off or pick up to sign up.  **

We are looking forward to embracing the exciting opportunities that are readily available each and everyday.  We embrace positive behaviour management techniques through;

  • Self registration - signing in each morning on our 'Welcome Wall'.

Weekly monitor jobs ranging from line leaders, bag monitors to snack buddies. 

Rainbow Challenges - children can develop a love for learning and embark upon exciting self initiated learning challenges - collecting rainbow award sticks which feed into a rainbow award ceremony each Friday.  

  • Helping their very own little alien characters to collect 'Magic points' for jobs well done, using manners, showing persistence, as well as being a good friend to others.

This term, the children will continue to access and take part each morning, in a series of 'Warm-up' challenges which enable them to warm up their brains during registration and lunch choice, these include dough disco and phonic aerobics!!!!


It is very important to help the children develop a love of books and an interest in reading both at home and in school from a young age.  We share lots of stories and rhymes in class, as well as non fiction books. We have a quiet reading time and guided reading sessions throughout the week, as well as a ‘Once upon a time castle’ cosy reading area within the classroom & a ‘Once upon a time story tree’ in the outside area.

As part of our commitment to promoting reading & to get children reading from an early age, we have purchased personalised log ins for each child in the class to Reading Eggs.  As part of each weekly challenge, please support your child in accessing their account & completing a series of personalised challenges. 

A collection of reading books will continue to be changed & reassessed each week.  The collection consists of a book pitched specifically at the phonics level that your child is currently working at.  It will give them an opportunity to reinforce the sounds and tricky words that they have just been introduced to as part of our daily phonics sessions.  They will also have a copy of a reading BINGO game linked to their weekly guided reading book taught in class - again directly linked to their assessed phonics level.  In addition to this, each child will have a 'reading for pleasure' library book to share at home and a book with no words - to encourage them to use their own imagination & developing vocabulary to make up their own creative story.  Please help your child to make up their own story to go with the pictures. Talk with them about the characters and help them to predict what will happen next. Alongside the reading books is a reading diary.  The diary gives us an insight into how your child is reading at home.  Please sign the diary and add any comments of your own when you read with your child. We do value these comments and it reassures us that the children are reading at home.  Reading books will be changed once a week. 

Monday - Snow Leopards

Tuesday - Jaguars

Wednesday - Lions

Thursday - Tigers

Books will only be changed if they have been signed to say they have been read at home!  Please do not see reading as a race.  Each child is an individual & will progress through the scheme at their own pace. 

When you child progresses onto books with words, it is crucial that they are supported in sounding out the words a sound at a time e.g. c-a-t – cat,  rather than simply repeating aloud a simple sentence that you have read aloud.


Reading is the main home:learning challenge and we recommend spending a little time – about 10 minutes each night reading one of the books issued at school.  Each child has been allocated a practical phonics & maths investigation pack.  It contains items such as; whiteboard, whiteboard pen & duster, phonic flashcards, sound mats & maths mats, 100 square.  Encourage your child to play schools at home & use the pack – building words with the phonic flashcards etc throughout each week as part of their home:learning challenges.  As well as a Reading Eggs personalised log in, we have also purchased each child with a Mathseeds account and Doodle Maths account.  Please support your child in accessing these each week to support home learning, in addition to other activities and challenges which may be sent out over the course of the year.


We have 2 designated PE sessions each week.  During the Spring Term, this will take place on a Wednesday afternoon and a Friday morning.  In an effort to minimise risk, as a school we have decided that children must arrive in school wearing their PE kits on their PE days.  This should consist of a green Gawsworth PE t-shirt, warm hoodie/jogging top, as well as jogging bottoms/black shorts.  Please note that children should also wear trainers rather than the usual indoor black pumps, as they will be accessing both indoor & outdoor learning throughout the day and need good grip in the outdoor area & playground.  If and when children are required to bring separate PE kits into school, we will notify you accordingly.  I cannot stress the importance of labelling all items of uniform.  


The children are provided with a piece of fruit or vegetable for a mid morning snack.  should you wish to send in your own snack, we ask that it contains NO NUTS and that it must be 'healthy'.  We encourage the children to have their own (named) water bottle in school which should be taken home each night and returned the next day with fresh water (not juice, please).  We have spoken with the children about the importance of hydrating our bodies and brains and as a result have set up a 'water bottle' challenge on class Do Jo.


The children will have their lunch at the first sitting at 11:50am.  As part of our mitigation plan and risk assessment in light of the Covid-19 situation, lunches will be consumed within the school hall.  After lunch the children go outside into the infant playground, where they will be able to play and interact with their friends and buddies in EYFS, Years 1 and 2.  The children will be supervised by Mrs Mion and Mrs Austin our infant mid day assistants.


Our special Reception friend William Bear loves getting to know the children and finding out about what we get up to with our families at the weekend.  Unfortunately, William Bear is unable to go home with the children this year, instead we have some very exciting news!!!!!!  William Bear will be sending one of his teddy bear cousins to be adopted by each of our lovely new children and their family.  At the end of each week, William will choose a child to ‘Adopt a Bear’.  Back at school, we would love to know what you decide to name your new fluffy friend, as well as some of the lovely adventures that you get up to.  We ask that you upload photos/video message onto your child’s online learning journey.  The following week, we can share his adventures with the rest of the class.  Perhaps, your child could have a go at mark making and writing or drawing a picture, giving meaning to the marks that they have written and uploading that.


Much of the learning in Early Years Foundation Stage is done through carefully planned play and teacher directed challenges and activities.  Such activities follow the 7 areas of learning which make up the Foundation stage curriculum.   The EYFS curriculum is broken down as follows;

Prime Areas:

Personal, Social & Emotional Development


Managing Self

Building Relationships

Communication & Language

Listening, Attention & Understanding


Physical Development

Gross Motor Skills

Fine motor Skills

Specific Areas:



Word Reading




Numerical Patterns

Understanding the World

Past & Present

People, Culture & Communities

The Natural World

Expressive Arts & Design

Creating with Materials

Being Imaginative & Expressive

Attached as downloadable documents to this class page are;

  • A summary of the new Development Matters framework.  This is used to identify possible areas in which to challenge and extend children's current learning and development during their time in the Early Years Foundation Stage, (Nursery through to the end of Reception)
  • An overview of the new Early Learning Goals under the new EYFS Framework.  As an Early Adopter school, your child will be assessed against these specifically at the end of this academic year 2020-2021.
  • A copy of our detailed medium term planning for the academic year.

As a class, we have a half termly theme which provides the stimulus for many of these activities; for the second half term the theme is ‘Sensational Seasons & Celebrations!!!’

For the last few years we have been involved in leading the way with Literacy consultants in implementing daily phonics sessions as well as ‘Talk for Writing’ sessions and sharing our good practice with other schools as part of the Primary Writing Project.  Such sessions are designed to help children to learn to read and write more effectively.  This has proved very successful and will continue to be an important part of the day. 

Your child’s safety & happiness is our top priority.  To support this, please could you ensure that you notify school as soon as possible if your child will be collected by another person. 

At the new parent induction evening, I touched upon the success of our online learning journeys.  Every family has now been issued with a personalised log in to access your child's online learning journey.  It has been an absolute delight to see the photos and videos that many of you have uploaded, of activities engaged in at home.  

If you have any concerns or questions we are always willing to try and help. The best time to speak to me is before school or ideally at the end of the school day, but do not hesitate to raise any issue that concern your child’s progress or happiness at school.  My school email is:  or you can message me via Class Do Jo & I will do my best to get back to you asap.

Thank you for your support & cooperation, together we can make a positive impact on your child’s development and learning.

Mrs H Jepson

Early Years Foundation Stage/Key Stage One Leader.




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