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Mrs Jepson

Mrs Jepson

EYFS & Key Stage One Coordinator


Early Years Foundation Stage.

In light of the recent communication regarding school closures, please refer to these following websites to use alongside the 'home:learning packs' sent to support your child's learning at home:  (free subscription with username: March2020 and password: home)

Access a large range of free online reading books - linked to Read Write Inc scheme & wider schemes -


Thank you for your support & cooperation, together we can make a positive impact on your child’s development and learning.

We are looking forward to embarking upon our new, exciting & interactive topics for the Spring term.  Our topics this term are; 'Seasonal Change' & 'Once upon a time...'.   We will be taking a different story each week and building our curriculum around it.   

Here is just a taste of the sorts of things we will be getting up to...

We will be having tea with the Gruffalo.    

Investigating how elasticated Superworm is as part of our Mathematical Development.


Planning exciting adventures for the Naughty Bus!!!     



Thinking of an alternative ending to the story The Gingerbread Man.



The children have dazzled us with the way in which they have all settled into BIG SCHOOL life and continue to embrace the exciting opportunities that are readily available each and everyday for the children.  These include;

  • Self registration - signing in each morning on our 'Welcome Wall'.
  • Weekly monitor jobs ranging from line leaders, bag monitors to snack buddies. 

  • Rainbow Challenges - children can develop a love for learning and embark upon exciting self initiated learning challenges - collecting rainbow award sticks which feed into a rainbow award ceremony each Friday.  

  • Helping their very own little alien characters to collect 'Magic points' for jobs well done, using manners, showing persistence, as well as being a good friend to others.

This term, the children will be taking part each morning in a series of 'Whiteboard Warm-up' challenges which enable them to warm up their brains during registration and lunch choice.  

The children will be issued with a small collection of reading books each week.  Throughout the week, the children may read with different adults & reading buddies.  Please ensure that your child's reading diary and books are sent into school in your child's bag each day.  Please take a look at the EYFS House Groups list attached to this class page, to see which house group your child has been allocated as which day their books will be changed.

Snow Leopards - Monday

Jaguars - Tuesday

Lions - Wednesday

Tigers - Thursday

It is very important to help the children develop a love of books and an interest in reading both at home and in school. We share lots of stories and rhymes in class, as well as non fiction books. We have a quiet reading time throughout the week, as well as a ‘Cosy Reading Area’ within the classroom & a ‘Once upon a time story tree’ in the outside area.

Children will be introduced to their first reading books within the first two weeks.  In some cases these books may have no words. Please help your child to make up their own story to go with the pictures. Talk with them about the characters and help them to predict what will happen next. Alongside the reading books is a reading diary.  The diary gives us an insight into how your child is reading at home.  Please sign the diary and add any comments of your own when you read with your child. We do value these comments and it reassures us that the children are reading at home. From time to time we may also send home letter sounds or words to practice. Reading books will be changed initially once a week (** only if they have been signed to say they have been read at home!)  Please do not see reading as a race.  Each child is an individual & will progress through the scheme at their own pace.  When you child progresses onto books with words, it is crucial that they are supported in sounding out the words a sound at a time e.g. c-a-t – cat,  rather than simply repeating aloud a simple sentence that you have read aloud.

In EYFS, we host weekly 'Mystery Reader' sessions.  Here adults can volunteer to pop in to share a story with the class.  It is a session that has proven to be most popular in previous years - See EYFS staff to sign up if you are interested.

 For the last few years we have been involved in leading the way with Literacy consultants in implementing daily phonics sessions as well as ‘Talk for Writing’ sessions and sharing our good practice with other schools as part of the Primary Writing Project.  Such sessions are designed to help children to learn to read and write more effectively.  This has proved very successful and will continue to be an important part of the day. 


Reading is the main home:learning challenge and we recommend spending a little time – about 10 minutes each night reading one of the books issued at school.  As the term progresses there will be a task sent home each week to be returned the following Monday. This will be found in a home:school activities file (put into your child’s book bag), or the task may be to find out about something at home or to look for and bring in something to school.



We have 2 designated PE sessions each week.  Please ensure that the pump bags have an indoor kit;

T shirt, shorts and pumps, as well as an outdoor kit; trainers, jogging trousers & warm top.  I cannot stress the importance of labeling all items of uniform.  Pump bags will be sent home for washing every half term. 



The children are provided with a piece of fruit or vegetable for a mid morning snack.  Each morning two different children are assigned as Snack & Chat Monitors to serve customers in our very own classroom snack cafe. Here the children sign in their fruit payment cards.  We also encourage the children to have their own (named) water bottle in school which should be taken home each night and returned the next day with fresh water (not juice, please).


Our special friend, William Bear loves to spend the weekends with one of our children.  He will happily enjoy doing whatever the family has planned. He also has his own diary so that on Monday he can share his adventures with the rest of the class. Mums and dads are always willing to help William with his writing – he’s not very good at writing for himself yet!  You can also encourage your child to complete the diary – giving meaning to the marks that they have written and then scribing underneath.  Please do send him to school on the Monday with your child so that he can receive his mark in the register!!


Our primary aim during the first few weeks will be to ensure the children are happy and secure in coming to school, and to get to know each individual so that their needs can be met. We also want the children to get to know one another and learn to work alongside each other.  Much of the learning Early Years Foundation Stage is done through carefully planned play as well as teacher initiated activities, following the 7 areas of learning which make up the Foundation stage curriculum:

Prime Areas:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication & Language Development
  • Physical development

Specific Areas:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding of the World
  • Expressive Arts & Design 

Your child’s safety & happiness is our top priority.  To support this, please could you ensure that you notify school as soon as possible if your child will be collected by another person.  

At the new parent induction evening, I touched upon the success of our online learning journeys.  Later on in the Autumn term, you will be invited to session where I will run through the online learning journeys & show how you can engage with us at home via the web.  I am currently in the process of setting them up for each child.  Please could you confirm below an email address, via which you could access your child’s online learning journey.  As soon as I receive confirmation of this, I can set up the relevant secure settings.


If you have any concerns or questions we are always willing to try and help. The best time to speak to me is before school or ideally at the end of the school day, but do not hesitate to raise any issue that concerns your child’s progress or happiness at school.  My school email is:  I will do my best to get back to you asap.


Thank you for your support & cooperation, together we can make a positive impact on your child’s development and learning.

Mrs H Jepson

Early Years Foundation Stage/Key Stage One Leader.


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